It is no longer news that the world has gone digital!

Here is what that means…

In past centuries we used to have two worlds, the spiritual world and the physical world. But today we have three worlds.

The Spiritual world, the physical world and the digital world.

Of the over 7 billion global population, 58 percent are active Internet users! That’s a whopping 4.8 billion people!


Take Nigeria for instance, as at 2018, estimated Internet users were 93 million of the 180 million population. This figure has been projected to be 187, 000, 000 by 2023.

Now, here is where it gets serious!

The level of attention that these users placed while on the Internet!

Have you seen people with their cell phones, on the street, about to cross the road, on the road driving, in classes, at work, even in the church!

We all now live on the Internet.

What’s the reason for the online traffic?

Following repeated research and findings, people use the Internet for lots of reasons, among the top 10 are for the purpose of searching and getting information, for communication, entertainment, business and marketing, work and school, transactions, socialization, relationship and sexuality, self expression. And ultimately, millions of people are here for the sole purpose of making money!

The list is endless. These are what people do in real life, the Internet created an easy and faster way to do them. The reality, we will always need and do these things, always! The intrinsic reason the Internet is growing bigger by the day.

Here is the point:

If this is where the attention lies, if this is where the focus has shifted, it is only wise to have an online presence, and by this I mean being visible and strategically so. Whether for yourself or your business.

I will tell you my story. In 2017, I decided to get serious with my writing skills, leveraging the digital space. I put up my thoughts in words and put it on the Internet! Just two platforms, on my blog and on Facebook.

Boom! Like magic, I got my first ever paid contract, all the way from Delta state. Same people I know in real life, but wouldn’t even take me serious if I had told them I am now a professional writer, saw my post online and recommended me for a paid job! Then the second, the third, it just keeps coming!!

A lawyer I know who has never worked in a law firm succeeded in building an international legal brand through this secret I’m about to expose to you. Yes! International bodies search online, find her works and contact her.

It’s that serious!

You want to get the attention of even the president of America, you will be amazed what a tweet can do!

Why am I taking time to tell you this?

The Internet world is boundless and limitless!

There is room and opportunity for everybody, but how do you take your space?

How do you strategically and effectively promote yourself, your brand, and your business in the digital world?

You only need one thing. It is an open secret! Many know about it, but only a few understand how it works, and a very tiny few are actually using it to their promotion, profit and advantage!

It is the one thing the Internet live by!

Without it, the Internet would be as empty as space.


The difference between where you are right now and where you want to be as long as the digital world is concerned is Content!

Now, so I don’t waste your time and you don’t waste mine;

If you are looking for automatic and fake followers who will hardly engage your content, and unfollow you the next day, biko, don’t bother reading again.

If all you are interested in are a few likes and comments on your social media post, please…, this book is not for you.

If you still think the Internet is a joke and there is nothing much of it. Kindly stop right here! Come back when you finally realise this is serious business!

The digital world has come to stay. It only gets bigger by the day!

If you are still here, then you are ready to harness every potential the Internet space affords you.

You don’t want to create just about any content!

You don’t want to create content that nobody wants!

You are tired of seeing people doing amazing stuff online while you ask yourself why you are not putting out those great stuff?

You want to make the Internet work for you!

You want to build a strong and reputable brand that gets stronger by each day, by each content you put out?

You want to promote yourself, your brand, and your business creating valuable content that sells?

Yes! You are ready to increase sales and increase your income!!

Quickly, see what great men are saying about this book:

"Mercy speaks here about what she lives, it’s a recommended masterpiece for any and every business or idea owner, who want to excel beyond the crowd in the digital world.

She hits it when she said;

“Content is not just digital, it is also more physical than you think. You are your first content! Whatever content you will ever create or generate comes from who you are, your personality, that’ s what you will always put forward, digitally or physically. This book is to help you put forth the best of you.”

Do not only buy this book but get Mercy to teach this book to your team”.

Osayi Tres Omokaro

Father of Startups

Startup Manager, South South Innovation Hub

Founder: Treskaro Systems & Solution

“Content creation is undoubtedly a skill the millennial youth must learn. Going through this book is satisfying, entertaining, and enlightening.

I commend every effort put in this book by Mercy Omoregie. She is a power girl and has proven it again in this work.

There are very few books as this. If you ever come across an opportunity to get a copy, grab it!”

Dr Charles Akhimien

Co-founder, MOBicure (Omomi & myPaddi)

See, there is no exaggeration here. I have studied the Internet space over and over, observing and experimenting how it works for good! I have followed closely men that are disrupting the space, building global brands, making seven figures on a consistent level. Men like John Obidi, Steve Harris, Peace Etimi, Remi Owadokun, I have helped NGOs, SMEs, and government agencies create and build a formidable online presence using this secret.

And I have documented in this book, the reality of you too creating and making content work for you, you become a professional, getting exactly what you want, the attention and engagement of your online audience! Creating six and seven figures worth of content and making just that!

Now, this is where it gets hot!

What are you getting from this book?

A large percentage of Internet users do not understand what content and content creation is, trust me, that’s too deadly an ignorance in this age. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge! You lose authority; you lose recognition; you lose income!

With Power Content at your disposal, you have a first class knowledge of what exactly is content and content creation? How it affects your life, how it makes your life beautiful, make your work easy and productive, help you become digitally present and stable! Giving your brand authority, global recognition, increasing your income ×10

See, let’s face it. There are tons of content been uploaded on the Internet on a regular basis, every single click of the clock. The statistics are crazy! If you don’t know the tactics, you may end up getting frustrated like some persons already are.

Now, there is no need for all that drama. By this book, you are an expert content creator! Creating great, awesome and power content that resonates with your audience, you create content that sells.

Wait… You think that’s all? You’ve not seen nothing!

It is one thing to create good content; It is another thing to be able to create enough good content consistently. I have had to solve this problem for a lot of my clients because as a content creator; I am aware if there is one principle that works well on the Internet; It is consistency!

With Power Content in your hand, you have access to great tips and strategies that enable you generate great content on a consistent level. Exposing you to the underlying secret that makes content strive! Staying consistent with almost zero effort!

Amazing, right? That’s not all!

Today’s business world demands that you are either growing or dying! There is no sitting on the fence. By this book, you are powerfully equipped and able to use content for personal and business growth. Building and growing your business and online audience!

Many people have issues creating content from scratch all the time. I am certain you have experienced such black out too. In this book lies the solution to that, with over 41 simple tools that make content creation easy and fun!! Trust me, you don’t want to be ignorant of these tools!!

I know you are smiling now, but there is yet another one; monetizing your content creation skills. There is a business to content creation, the part that makes you easy money at the comfort of your bedroom.

Yes! Do you want a skill that can help you start up a business with little or no capital? You are at your final bus stop! Content creation is a six and seven figure hot in demand skill! This book takes you through practical steps and experiences, showing you how to monetize your content creation skills in less than 8 days!

You have at your finger tip all you need to create a digital profiling, create amazing content that sells and build a strong online brand identity! Positioning yourself for global opportunity.

Are you still thinking whether to make this life changing investment?

Here is the blast for you!

I had to do this because I need you to dominate your online space, and no excuse is good enough to stop you!!

Getting your copy now gives you access to my Online Exclusive Master Class! Just recently, I had one of my last attendees asking me when the next one will be! According to him, he can’t wait for another refreshing dose of upgrade. You have access to the class for free!

You also have access to three months mentoring training and follow up from my team and I, to make sure your online presence is exactly what it should be; represents and promotes your brand!

You should be salivating already by now, but hold on still, that’s not all…

Getting access to our mentoring class affords you the opportunity to be among the only 20 participants of our upcoming physical training on Story Telling for Change for Africa. The network and exposition of this training is nothing of this world, it will blow your mind!

If you are the smart one, and I know you are, you will give yourself this gift of a quantum leap! And get your copy right away!!

Power Content is an investment you will always make whenever you get serious about your digital presence!!

Why delay, make that investment now and start creating content that sells!!!

Now tell me, and be very realistic, if you were to sell this product, how much will it cost?

The value of this book, after proper estimation and consideration, is not less than 45 dollars, I.e. over N15,000.

But because I am more interested in making sure you have your copy and run with it, dominating your online space, you are getting this book almost for FREE! Yes, you heard right. With as little as $8, that is just 2,500 naira only.

Now what will be your excuse for neglecting such a great opportunity?

“Having access to this book has opened my eyes to how content works in the digital space, social media and all, and how I can rightly position myself as a great brand using content. For everyone who wants to take their online presence seriously, this is a must-read book!”

Mr Yoh Albert

Mercy Omoregie

Why am I qualified to write this book?

Mercy Omoregie is an Online Business Consultant. A Blogger and Expert in Content Creation. She has worked with Non-Government Organizations, NGOs, Small and Medium-Size Enterprises, SMEs, promoting their brands and businesses with great content. She is a Script Writer and a member of the team of writers for the Executive Governor of Edo State.

Mercy is a humanitarian, with a passion for personal and business development in Africa. Along with her team, she organizes digital skills training for teenagers in secondary schools. Plus, other online exclusive master classes that inspire and empower young people to fully maximize their potential. Leveraging the digital world!

Mercy is the founder of BeInspired Show, an online platform at where she writes to inspire, hosting interview sessions with great Africa entrepreneurs, thought leaders and Influencer with a focus on inspiring and promoting young and successful startups and entrepreneurs in Africa by telling and sharing their stories.


Take that one step that would put you ahead come 2020!

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